Gaunts House Wimborne-Dorset August 16th-19th 2018 Vital Development International Summer Meeting: Vital Alegria! 2018

“Vital Development, Healing and Psychotherapy”
The relationship in between the healing process, dance-movement and psychotherapy.

All Vital Facilitators and other participants are welcome to enjoy this unique vital gathering, to share VitalDanza workshops and meet members of the Vital Family worldwide.

There it will be VitalDanza workshops, talks, live music, bonfire ceremony and other activities that will be informed soon.

Guests, speakers and workshops leaders (so far):

– Dr. Mario Marrone. Chairman of IAN/International Attachment Network. Member Centro de Terapia Interfamiliar (Elche-España/Spain).
– Dr. Nicola Diamond. Ph D. University of East London.
– Dr Richard Stevens. MA. Ph D. Former Head of Psychology at the Open University, UK.
Isabella Florschutz. MA, UKCP. Vital Development Facilitator (VDF).
Helen Dakini Thatcher. VDF UK.
Angelika Kali Pathe. VDF Germany
Markus Utrio. VDF Finland.
Catherine McInerney. VDF Ireland.
Miko Horiguchi. VDF Japan.

Livia Cruz Montes. VDF Spain.
Maribel Montes. VDF Spain

More updates coming soon.

Thank you! 
VitalTeam Alegria!

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VitalDanza® Training Courses 2017 – Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo – ViDA Directors

– Wuppertal  Germany
with Angelika Kali Pathe

– Los Angeles  USA
Jaquelin Levin Training Course

– Helsinki  Finland
with Linda

– Tokyo  Japan
with Miko, Mutsumi & Hikaru

– Tenerife Spain / España
with Lidia & Maribel

– Brighton  England
with Helen Dakini Thatcher

– London  England
with Patricia & Marcelo

– Prien am Chiemsee  Germany
with Ulrich & Verena


About Vital Development®VitalDanza®
Patricia Martello method

Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Matteo have developed the Vital Development®-method with their unique worldwide experience on healing art and dance-movement field.

The appropriate and subtle blend of movements and music allows the participants to surrender into a vital and therapeutic experience of profound, unique, transformational and spiritual powers.

Vital Development® is a contemporary, balanced and dynamic new version in the outlook of body-movement systems.

This is achieved through more than 500 exercises and dances , the majority of them extraordinary and transformational creations within a subtle and innovative technical structure.

Vital Development® training is a holistic method that will not only give you a profound tool to work with healing and art for others, but also a unique pathway for personal development and inner growth that will take you to a new level of being in Life, feeling yourself, sensing reality, incorporate health and spirituality, understand purity, express vitality, feel sensuality and ultimately, have the human right to feel, enjoy and express love in life.

Nowadays “Vital Development® is continuously spreading and evolving all around the world as an efficient tool in resolving personal and family blocked issues and conflicts, by liberating the present in order to live at full and with intensity.
So, a renewed inner and profound joy, passion, harmony, peace, beauty, balance, and wellbeing is born.

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