Vital Development® brings new objectives, upgraded techniques and a wide theoretical net of support which are original and unique. This is based on an appropriate and well founded incorporation of elements of other techniques such as Feldenkrais Method – Awareness in Motion; Shamanic Dances of Afro-Brazilian, West Canadian and South Pacific origin; Psycomagic Method by Alejandro Jodorovski; and Sacred Psychology by Jane Houston. The whole in itself appears as a new Movement-Therapy proposal with an original input and substance. In this way, this Vivential Method gives light to a new technical context and amplifies the horizon of other known body systems.

The appropriate and subtle blend of movements and music allows the participants into a vital and therapeutic experience of profound transformational power. Another element within the roots of the Vital Development® method developed by Patricia Martello is the amplification of the concept of love taken from the Greek tradition of ErosAgape/Philia, and the implementation of the Phoenix Experience of vital transformation in life.

Within this same line and from the biological point of view, this is also supported by the Theory of the Three Brains: reptile brain, mammal brain and human brain mentioned by Claudio Naranjo in terms of a new pedagogy based in the experience of Spontaneous Movement and the integration of body-mind and soul. Finally, it is common to find in Vital Development; workshops the intelligent, progressive and appropriate incorporation of exercises of Tantra, Meditation, Family Constellations, Biodanza, Five Rhythms, Contact Improvisation, Tango, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Gestalt, Shamanic dances, Buddhism and Hinduism Mantras and Mudras dances and NLP, among other systems methods and Philosophies. We can say that Vital Development® is a more contemporary, balanced and dynamic version in the outlook of body-movement systems.

The manual of exercises are design to deliver a vast variety of workshops and it is in permanent update for the graduates in the VitalDanza® Vital Development® Patricia Martello Method, the majority of them challenging, extraordinary and empowering creations of Martello – Marcelo Di Matteo.