Patricia Martello

Patricia Martello

Creator of Vital Development (TM)
Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners
Institute of Complementary Medicine in the UK (since 1998)

Patricia Martello

Patricia Martello was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, (in 1960) where she took her first studies in Arts and Dance Movement Education. In her twenties, as a result of her talent, passion and training, she was already leading groups of people seeking self expression and personal development.

Patricia’s first methods and studies were in Therapy Movement, Integrative Gymnastics and Physical Education, Art, Theatre and Shamanism. She participated in researches of Reading Telepathy Posture, Psychodrama, Genealogogical Family Tree, Family Constellations, Gestalt Therapy Groups Effects with Dr Eduardo Keller Sarmineto and Pychologist Ana Maria Riva, and studied Biodanza with psychologist Rolando Toro and Doctor Mirta Schinini

Several diciplines have converged into her unique holistic method called Vital Development.

Apart from being formerly a teacher and director of 5 schools worldwide, she also founded the Biodanza Association in Argentina and pioneered the Biodanza World Association.

In 1991, she started working in Europe, more specifically in the United Kingdom. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean many times to assist her groups – both in Argentina and England, Patrícia moved to London with her husband and children, where she launched her first Biodanza School. After that came others: in Paris (France), Amsterdam (Holland), Brussels (Belgium), Tokyo (Japan) and Lesvos (Greece) and also great support for the establishment of the movement in Johannesburg (South Africa), Rotterdam (Holland), Lille (France), Edinburgh, Scotland, Cardiff, Wales and Bristol (UK).

In 1999 Patricia received the certificate of The British Register of Complementary Practicioners, Physical Medicine Division for Dance Movement. Nowadays, she is one of the most important names in the human development field. This position came with the launching of Vital Development – Patricia Martello Method®, that combines decades of work experience in all continents and serious research and trainings, in different disciplines.

Patricia brought her attention to Vital Development® due to the deep needs in the modern world, where human creative energy seeks to unfold into a new vital consciousness – for physical and spiritual integration and transformation in order to recycle emotions and to renew the body and soul into the expression of the wellness of being and feeling alive.

She runs Vital Development® Schools and workshops in London, Brighton (UK), Sligo (Ireland), Amsterdam (Holland), Helsinki (Finland), Lesvos (Greece), Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Pouso Alegre, Brasilia (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Hamburg, Bremen (Germany), Rimini (Italy), Shanghai (China), Moscow (Russia), Paris (France), and Santiago (Chile). Her presence is also very requested in Brazil, where she leads workshops for health care professionals invited by hospitals, clinics and private health systems.

Her on going workshops around the world include programs and trainings in Vital Development in general and for psychotherapists, artists, families, couples, pregnant women, children and people with special needs. Her lectures and conferences are required all over the world of Dance – Movement – Fitness Education and Psychotherapy. Patricia works voluntarely for Age Concern Wellness and Holistic Fitness Program in the UK. She also is a writer and author of e-books “The Words of the Body” and “Vital Development Patricia Martello Method”.

She lives in London with her loving husband and partner, Marcelo Di Matteo, and their two children, where she directs ViDA, the Vital Development Association.