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Patricia Martello


Vital Development® - VitalDanza®

Workshop in Helsinki
28. - 29. 5. 2016
with Patricia Martello

NEW! VitalDanza® Training Course 2016-17


"The 4 Vital Elements for Love
and Life Processes"

VitalDanza® workshop
Saturday & Sunday 28.- 29.5.2016

The body exploration of the archetypes of the 4 Elements is an open door to connect with our inner self in a sensitive and healing way.

Each element represent a state of mind-heart in our daily lives.
We will evoke, express and feel our transformation through them by the magic and powerful hand of Patricia.

Workshop with Patricia Martello

28.-29.5.2016, la / Sat. 15-20, su / Sun. 13-16.30
140€ ensikertalaiset 80€
(yksi päivä/one day 80€, first timers 50€)

Kaikki koulutuksesta kiinnostuneet tervetuloa kuulemaan koulutuksen sisällöstä lauantaina 28.4.2016 klo 12.30
Uusi ohjaajakoulutus on alkanut 5.3.2016 ja kerkiät vielä mukaan!

All the ones interested about the training, welcome to hear about the training on Saturday 28.5. 12.30 PM.
The new training has just started on 5.3.2016, but you can still join us in this unique pathway of joy and well-being!

Paikka Joogakoulu Shanti
Runeberginkatu 43
00100 Helsinki

Get in Touch with Vital Development Finland
New contact from May 2016: Linda


VitalDanza® Training Course 2016
VitalDanza® Patricia Martello Method

The Professional Training in Vital Development-VitalDanza®

The Training in Vital Development involves a journey of self-development, personal growth with the acquisition of bodywork, dance skills and related theory.

The full training course is designed to give students enough knowledge, experience and confidence to give a wide variety of Vital Development workshops and classes.

This course will enable the student to discover and learn how they can improve their:
- general sense well being;
- body awareness and posture;
- perception of oneself;
- perception of oneself personal history, inner blocks and conflicts;
- ways of movement and perception of the others;
- expression of positive emotions;
- creation of a positive thinking towards life;
- connection with the "best human version" of themselves;

All of the above within a sense of enjoyment of everyday life in a healthy way.

The Professional Diploma entitles the graduate to organize, lead and co-ordinate ongoing classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced groups, including short classes, weekends, exhibitions and demonstrations for different organizations.

Ilmoittautuminen / Registration

Ask for School Programme and Prospectus 2016:

Patricia Martello

Patricia Martello MBRCP was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is a graduated in Art, and an Instructor of Physical Education.
Patricia is a member of the British Register for Complementary Medicine Physical - dance movement Division in the UK.

She has attended several seminars, workshops and courses in Alchemy, Psychology, Healing, Pedagogy of Art, Meditation, Dance Improvisation and Group Dynamics. She also had studied theatre and Contemporary Expressive Dance Therapy.

She pioneered Vital Development and other dance-movement systems (biodanza) in the UK, Holland, Denmark, USA, Japan, Greece, Slovenia and recently in Finland.

Patricia is an artist and writer that has been constantly travelling with her husband Marcelo and sons Santiago, Nicolas and Luciano to bring a new consciousness of the sacredness of life into social community projects and education with Vital Development workshops.
Together with Marcelo they are pioneering a Vital work in art, movement and the expression of human vital potentials.
Their method is applied in areas of education and wellbeing with great therapeutic benefits and effects.

She is currently producing several "Professional Manuals of Vital Development" and creating a new edition of her book "The Words of the Body",


Vital Sole!

Porto Ercole - Monte Argentario - Italia
25 (+26 optional Boat Trip) June - Giugno

Fee for SATURDAY workshop only: €90 with bookings until 1st May. After €110.
(2 Vitaldanza sessions, VitalAqua session (weather permitting) and light lunch included)

+ Sunday: Boat trip €40 (light lunch included / limited places)

Advance payment: €30 until 1st May.

Bank Transfers details for bookings:
    Bank: HSBC

Account Name: Vital Development
Account Number: 74221981
Account Sort Code: 40-05-15

IBAN: GB31 MIDL 4005 1574 2219 81


For any query and registration just send us an e-mail:

More information:


Vital Greece 2016

   Dancing and embodying the myths of love and life...

the eternal quest for the Paradise...

Here and Now..., Now or Never...!

Vital Information:

Arrival airport: Mytilini / Mitilini , Isle of Lesvos/Lesbos, Greece

Hotel Delfinia - Molyvos for accommodation only:
or call to: +30 2253 071315

EARLY BIRD (until 25th May) Fees for workshop only from: €270 VitalDanza members / €290 other participants.
Deposit payment to book now: €100. Balance to be paid on Friday 22nd July.

Note: Fees above are when booking a minimum of 5 nights in the Hotel Delfinia.
There is a surcharge of €40 (use of premises, swimming pool, services, etc) when not booking accommodation in the Hotel Delfinia.
This surcharge can be paid on check in to the workshop on Friday 22nd July directly to us.

EARLY BIRD registration fees above are until the 25th May.

After that date please add €25 to each booking fee.

Workshop only Deposit Payments By bank
Send a Bank transfer to:

Bank Transfers details for bookings:

Bank: HSBC

Account Name: Vital Development
Account Number: 74221981
Account Sort Code: 40-05-15

IBAN: GB31 MIDL 4005 1574 2219 81

Ref: your name + GREECE

Please confirm in advance your presence and get the above discounts, thank you!



VitalDanza® Training Courses 2016
Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo - ViDA Directors

- Wuppertal Germany
with Angelika Kali Pathe

- Los Angeles USA
with Jaquelin Levin-Zabare

- Helsinki Finland
with Minna Kivioja / Linda Granfors

- Tokyo Japan
with Miko, Mutsumi & Hikaru

- Tenerife Spain
with Andrea Caré Alfonso

- Brighton England
with Helen Dakini Thatcher

- London England
with Patricia & Marcelo

About Vital Development® - VitalDanza®
Patricia Martello method

Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Matteo have developed the Vital Development®-method with their unique worldwide experience on healing art and dance-movement field.

The appropriate and subtle blend of movements and music allows the participants to surrender into a vital and therapeutic experience of profound, unique, transformational and spiritual powers.

Vital Development® is a contemporary, balanced and dynamic new version in the outlook of body-movement systems.

This is achieved through more than 500 exercises and dances , the majority of them extraordinary and transformational creations within a subtle and innovative technical structure.

Vital Development® training is a holistic method that will not only give you a profound tool to work with healing and art for others, but also a unique pathway for personal development and inner growth that will take you to a new level of being in Life, feeling yourself, sensing reality, incorporate health and spirituality, understand purity, express vitality, feel sensuality and ultimately, have the human right to feel, enjoy and express love in life.

Nowadays "Vital Development® is continuously spreading and evolving all around the world as an efficient tool in resolving personal and family blocked issues and conflicts, by liberating the present in order to live at full and with intensity.
So, a renewed inner and profound joy, passion, harmony, peace, beauty, balance, and wellbeing is born.

Registration is now open