Vital Development® Post Graduate Trainings 

Applications of Vital Development® (From 1 to 3 modules each Training Course)
Cancer Patients
Children and Teenagers Psychiatry
Clinical Environments
Forms of Depression
Impaired Hearing
Motor Dysfunction Groups
Psychiatric Institutions
Psychosomatic Illnesses
Sexual Dysfunction
Team Building in Organizations
Teenagers and Adult Education
Visually Impaired
Vital Development as Complementary Medicine
Vital Development in Geriatrics
Vital Education

Extensions of Vital Development® (From 1 to 3 modules each Training Course)
Angels of Vital Transformation
Aqua Vital Development
Creativity Workshop
Dance of the Alchemists
Dancing the Tarot
Extended and Long Workshops in Nature (Holidays and more than 3 days workshops/retreats)
Womens Workshops
Four Elements, Four Animals
Golden Group
Identity & Archetypes, Pathways to Ecstasy
Mens Workshops
Vital Labyrinth of Love and Existence
Oracle of Goddesses and Gods
Phoenix Project
Singing and Use of the Voice in Workshops
The 7 Spiritual Laws of Love and Success
The Tree of Life and Desires
Vital Development & Clay

Instructor Diploma in Vital Development® 

This Training Course is for those Level 1 & 2 Graduates who wish to teach within Vital Development® Schools.

Minimum Requirements for Registration:
– Have completed in full Level 1 & 2 training courses.
– Have a minimum experience of 2 years giving and organizing classes (regular groups) and weekend workshops.
– Have completed a minimum of 3 Training Courses Level 3.

School Director Training Course – (2 modules) This Training Course aims to teach and prepare future Vital Development® Directors of Schools.
Graduates from the Level 5 will automatically be included in a list of Graduates and – depending on the backgrounds, teaching experience and aptitude – will be selected and invited to open a Vital Development School in agreement with ViDA.

Minimum Requirements for Registration:
– Have completed in full Levels 1 and 4..
– Have completed a minimum of 5 Training Courses Level 3
– Have taught within any Vital Development School a minimum of 10 weekends


ViDA Principles of Vital Connection among members of Vital Development Schools and Vital Groups:

These principles governs all members of The Training School of Vital development VitalDanza: Students, members, participants, teachers and administration staff.

-Physical, written or verbal abuse will not be accepted between members of the school, either inside or outside the workshop.
– Regular attendance is required for the integrity and development of the group and personal growth.
– To be present with and for the others without discrimination: compassionate, kindly and in feedback. (race, religion, age, sexual gender preferences)
– To show respect and attention for the personal and group process of the workshop by being : punctual and attentive for the duration of the lecture,workshop( no eating, speaking, sleeping, smoking, influence of alcohol or recreational drugs)

Professional Principles & Guidelines