VitalDanza Training Courses in UK

Vital Development Training Courses in London and Brighton  September 10th & 11th

New Cycle 2016 from September 10-11
The Vital Healing Training for Love & Life
Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo

with Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo

Helen Dakini Thatcher
Vital Development Facilitator and Brighton coordinator

The Training in Vital Development involves an intensive eleven months journey of self-development, personal growth, with the acquisition of bodywork, movement-dance skills and related theory.

Our aim is to open new doors for a fundamental change of paradigm in our lives through the perception of the different pathways of love: human/philia, mammal/agape and reptile/eros.

The full training course is designed to give students enough knowledge, experience and confidence to give a wide variety of Vital Development workshops and classes.