Vital Method

Vital Development promotes vitality, flexibility, integration and harmony with the body, mind, spirit, and the Universe.

It will help increase in each participant body consciousness, self-confidence, self-expression,
relaxation, self-awareness, creative exploration, and the discovery, development and unique creation of their individual sense of wellbeing and the pleasure of moving with the love for life.

Throughout the last decade, Vital Development® has achieved an inspiring role in the Human Resources Development field.
It may be used as a tool for improving Communication and Motivation and also in Stress Management Programmes within organizations and enterprises. It's also suitable within the Health Care System, where it works perfectly well, in co-ordination with other health professionals, in Humanization, Prevention, and Rehabilitation programmes.


Vital Workshops

VitalDanza Training Course

The Training in Vital Development involves a journey of self-development, personal growth with the acquisition of bodywork, movement-dance skills, practice and related theory.
The full training course is designed to give students enough knowledge, experience, and confidence to give a wide variety of Vital Development workshops and classes.
These courses are approved, and the certificates provided by ViDA Vital Development Association.

Vital Online Wednesday

Every Wesnesday 2021 Online is the moment for Vital Regeneration.
The feeling and thinking creativity of a new vital transformation makes its way into your body.

About me

Patricia Martello

ViDA - Vital Development Director / Facilitator

CMA Member - Complementary Medical Association - UK



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