Patricia Martello Method

Patricia Martello invites you to a unique and creative process of experiencing your body through movements, exercises and dances which we call Vital Dances, or VitalDanza.

We invite you to start a new opportunity to meet and re-create your true self.

With specific dances you will get into the path of discovering the unknown qualities of being.

You will journey in a loving, creative, exploratory and enabling space, with the guidance of a worldwide experienced Vital Development Facilitator.

What are the “Vital Dances“?

The dances, which also go by the name of VitalDanza, are a set of movements and exercises that originates in the depth of human existence, from different times, regions and cultures, even from mystery of ancient myths and archetypes.

All these dances are within the framework of the understanding and perception of the self in its pure essence, towards the potential of transformation and enjoyment of life.

They are not dances in the everyday sense: in a theatre, dance floor, a party, or like a and artistic performance. A Vitaldanza workshop is structured and with a meaningful aim.

So, while experiencing a dance, movement or exercise, we are also understanding and creating awareness of ourselves, our body, our whole life.

In this way, we may discover and/or explore personality patterns, habits of response to stimulus, perceive particular moods and learn how and why we interact with ourselves and the world in ways that do not give a sense of joy or satisfaction.

The music moves each participant into different emotional moments which help them to perceive with more awareness its true essence. In this way we also learn how to create our inner life script, instead of automatically repeating somebody else’s.

Within a more spiritual vision, we can say it’s a meditation in movement.
The whole workshop is usually delivered in harmony with elements of positive psychology, tools for interaction and inner connection, among other.

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