Vital Online Wednesday

Every Wesnesday 2021

VITAL REGENERATION workshops with Patricia Martello/ ONLINE

This is the moment for Vital Regeneration.


The feeling and thinking creativity of a new vital transformation makes its way into your body.
Open yourself to share the holistic vital energies to return to the joy of Life within your Body.
Receive in each class the divine gift of profound vital transformations, allowing the metamorphosis of true love to take place in your life.
Re-learn to play with your body and open your mind to enjoy love in all its creative manifestations, to feel affective relationships, real and virtual, in the joy of sharing.
Regeneration is through your Vital Dances: it allows you to open the energetic channels of the body and the mind, to be reborn in the energy that moves and connects to the pleasure of living.
Each workshop allows us to meet people from other places and countries, expand the vital communication and global communion.
Let’s go beyond time and distances to unite ourselves to something greater that contains us, stimulates us and nurtures us in being one in everything.
Together we can celebrate the new beginning of this new stage with an evolutionary perception of the encounter with others.


  • 6:30 till 8:00pm UK/Ireland/ Is. Canarias time.
  • West Europe/España from 19:30 to 21hs.
  • East Europe from 20:30 to 22hs.
  • Argentina from 15:30 to 17hs.
  • US West from 10:30am to 12noon.


(advanced payments only)

  • 1 single workshop: £10 - €12 - U$14.
  • 4 Workshops PROMO FEE: £34 - €40 - U$48
  • 8 Workshops Super PROMO FEE: £50 - €60 – U$70

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