VitalDanza Training Course

NEW Vital Training Courses 2021-22 – ONLINE+LIVE

Directors: Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo

VitalDanza® Patricia Martello Method

The Professional Training in Vital Development-VitalDanza®

The Training in Vital Development involves a journey of self-development, personal growth with the acquisition of bodywork, movement-dance skills, practice and related theory.

The full training course is designed to give students enough knowledge, experience, and confidence to give a wide variety of Vital Development workshops and classes.

These courses are approved, and the certificates provided by ViDA Vital Development Association.


This course will enable the student to discover and learn how they can improve their

  • general sense wellbeing and development of positive thinking;
  • body awareness, rigidities and posture;
  • holistic perception of oneself;
  • perception of oneself personal history, inner blocks and conflicts;
  • ways of movement and perception of the others;
  • general management of relationships with others, men and women;
  • acknowledgement, management and expression of positive emotions;
  • expression of creation for life in a healthy way;
  • perception and expression of inner sexuality;
  • creation of a positive thinking towards life;
  • openness to the multidimensional pathways of being;
  • connection with the «best human version» of themselves

All of the above within a profound sense of enjoyment of everyday life and loving energy in a healthy way.
The Professional Diploma entitles the graduate to organize, lead and co-ordinate ongoing classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced groups, including short classes, weekends, exhibitions and demonstrations for different organizations and settings.
Our aim is to open new doors for a fundamental change of paradigm in our lives through a new perception the different pathways of love: human/philia, mammal/agape and reptile/eros.


The Training in Vital Development involves an intensive 12 months training journey of guided self, groupal and professional development.
For the 2021-22 Training cycle, the students will participate in continuous ONLINE classes, 2 LIVE group meetings (long weekends in venues to be designated opportunely within the current possibilities available in that moment) and the newly incorporated PRIVATE ONLINE/LIVE Sessions, in which each student will have the opportunity to meet the Vital Instructors on a personal basis on dates and times mutually agreed.
The total amount of hours designated for each classes is (take this amounts as a guide only):

  1. ONLINE classes: 140 hs.
  2. Presential LIVE classes: 40hs.

Total of Training Hours: 190hs.1

Dates Vital Training Course 2021-222 We request flexibility and understanding to all Vital Students, thank you!

  • March 20-21, 2021
  • April 24-25
  • May22-23
  • June 19-20
  • July 24-253
  • August 21-223
  • September 18-193
  • October 23-24
  • November 20-21
  • December 18-19
  • January 22-23, 2022
  • February 19-20
  • March 19-204

All dates above mentioned will be ONLINE workshops, but due to unforeseen/foreseen matters they may be replaced by presential workshops in venues to be designated when the change is made with at least 3-4 months advanced notice.
An extra date may be added in March 2022 if needed and suitable for the whole Training Vital Group.

1Extra ONLINE hours will be added for students missing meetings @ a rate of £10 p/hour added. Students paying with options a) and b) (see below) are excepted of this payment for the first 12hs missed only.

2With possible changes and adaptations if necessary in any particular current situations during 2022.

3Possible dates for presential workshop in the UK/Europe.

4Possible date for additional workshop.


Registration and Fees:
The total Training fee is £1900/€2100.
Each student will be required to pay for a Registration Fee of £100/€110 and fill an application form to register. This Registration Fee is not refundable.

Payment Methods:

  • Full advanced payment (with 12% DISCOUNT): Total to pay £1672/€1848.
  • Full advanced payment in 2 instalments (with 10% DISCOUNT): Total to pay £855/€945 + £855/€945 (with 30 days gap in between payments).
  • Monthly payments (Direct Debit): 15 equal payments of £127/€140 each.


VitalDanza® Training Course 2021-22 PROGRAM
Aims and subjects to be delivered and practiced spread during the 190hs of the Training Course.
Personal Vital Development, Existential Growth & Professional Development.

  1. The Vital Structure of Vital Development®
  • The Vital Structure of Vital Development.
  • Basic principles of VitalDanza.
  • The method of personal and vital experience.
  • Biology of belief. Bruce Lipton.
  • Physiological effects of Vital Development workshop.
  • Reviewing the Cartesian Model & The New Paradigm.
  • The body in movement as a Metaphor.
  • Poetry and rationally: right brain development.
  1. Consciousness and Psychodynamics of movement
  • Vital Development and neurosciences.
  • Identity- Integration dance- trance.
  • Psycho-organic restoring.
  • Perception: the work on the 5 senses.
  • Awakening the ancient instinctual dances.
  • Resilience process of growth and transmutation of energy.
  • Body-Mind-Soul Integration and consciousness.
  • The many ways of the intelligence: Howard Gardner.
  • Psychology of the Flow of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
  1. Vital Archetypes and Ancient Dances and Myths of Love, Life and Sacred Growth
  • Archetypes of life and love transformation. Carl G. Jung.
  • The symbolic language of the Oracle dancing experience.
  • Empowering the core of life self-renovation. Recycling energy.
  • Cosmic dances of Collective unconsciousness.
  • Dances of love transformation based in myths.
  • Shiva-Shakti dialectic.
  • Dancing the sacred journey of the 7 Chakras of Love.
  1. Organic movements and Flow dances
  • Physiology of the dance.
  • Emotions, expression and movements.
  • Flow Dance, trance and amplified consciousness.
  • Slow motion, Wu-wei and Mushin no shin.
  • Music: the cosmic universal language.
  • Consciousnes in movement and emotions.
  • Mudras and symbols in movement.
  • Eternal postures and universal human movements.
  • Cronos & Kairos.
  1. Development of Vital sacred sexuality and sensual energy
  • Sensitivity and Expression of Pleasure.
  • The circuit of Love, Sexuality and Sensuality.
  • Eros and the caring and nourishing touch: touch healing education.
  • The sacredness of sexuality Female and Male natural expression.
  • Self-healing with pleasure. The body in flow: a source for Eros.
  • Caress, touch and sensuality.
  1. Development of the Vital Creation for Love and Life
  • Expression of the inner feelings.
  • Dancing the power of the inner creator.
  • The art education in movement, painting, writing, singing, dance.
  • Music: the energy to unblock life expression.
  • Renovation and innovation through the art of love.
  • Energy polarities, opposites and complementary: female and male integration. Yang and yin integration dances.
  1. Development of the Vital Love-Amor & Affection
  • Affective Education through Caritas, Agape and Eros. Th egReek Gods of Love
  • The study of relationships, Family tree.
  • Healing Dances of the family ancestors.
  • Integration of the brains trilogy through dances of love.
  • The healthy power of Love-Education.
  • The social educational impact of Vital Development.
  1. Development of the sacredness and spiritual awakening
  • The soul- body- love integration.
  • The overcoming of the Ego and the fears. From shadows to light.
  • The spiritual dances.
  • Polarities for Life.
  • Awakening the holistic, spiritual, universal inner heart healer.
  • Sacred, profound and reverential ecology.
  1. The Art of facilitating VitalDanza
  • The power of music in VitalDanza: music as a metaphor of life.
  • Levels of consciousness of connection with life.
  • Love connection and communication dancing feed-back.
  • Facilitating group dynamics: the facilitator within a group.
  • New paradigm of body language education and self-knowledge.
  • Conscious change of inner attitudes, brain-dance education.
  • Development to surrender in the Here and now.
  • Detachment from the past and connection to Life.
  1. Shamanism- the vital healing awareness
  • The quest of the self through the Ceremony and Rituals of The 4 Elements.
  • The inner Archetypes according to C. G. Jung.
  • Anthropological Shamanic dances. Mircea Eliade.
  • Sacred Rituals of Shamanic healing, The medicine woman and the healer warrior of light.
  • The inner animal of power and the family ancestors Totem.
  1. Vital Education/Community & Social Action Project-CSAP
  • Sacred, deep and reverential Ecology. Sociology of Happiness.
  • Vital Development into the Community. Social Action and Ethos.
  1. Mythical and Alchemical process of Transformation and Sacred Growth
  • The language of the body -mind-soul- behavior integration.
  • The language of Oracle in dancing expression.
  • Wisdom and the art of beauty and Love Connection.
  • Pathways of transformation of new stages of life.
  • Phoenix Bird dances of rebirth and love celebration.
  1. Technical Development of short Workshops 1 / Stage of supervisions
  • How to prepare a Vital Development-VitalDanza workshop?
  • Structure of VitalDanza workshop.
  • Workshop environment and elements.
  • Presentation of exercises, music-movement-proposal explanation.
  • Analysis and reflections on a workshop structure.
  • Group practice supervision.
  1. Technical Development of short workshops 2
  • Music- exercises- practice analysis of beginner's workshops.
  • Group dynamics. Classes structures on going groups from beginners to intermediate.
  • The power of core exercises.
  • The roots of vital living experiences.
  • Soma learning. The art of leading a vital transformation.
  • Analysis and reflections on a workshop structure.
  • To guide the process of transformation and body changes of perception.
  • To guide to balance and to stabilize the changes of life.
  • Dynamics of an advance group.
  • Provisional Authorization to lead Short beginners VitalDanza classes.
  • Group practice supervision.
  1. Technical Development for long workshops 3
  • Course for technical studies.
  • Structure and particularities for a long workshop.
  • Living together workshop structure.
  • Music- exercises workshop.
  • Analysis and on a workshop structure.
  • Group supervised workshop.
  1. Group Supervision Classes
    Organized by Students under Supervision: venues-dates to be confirmed.
  2. Extended Meetings
  • Recovery weekend: Catch-up weekend and Update of special subjects workshops (subjects to be confirmed p/student)
  • Catch up of missed Subjects (optional)
  • Group supervised workshop.
  • Up-date of new exercises and music.
  1. Presentation of Final assessment
  • Final Assessment for Diploma Course.
  • Exhibition and Final presentation.
  • Group supervised workshop.

ViDA- Vital Development-VitalDanza Diploma Levels 1-2 will be delivered after full completion of the Training Course.
This Training Course is approved and the certificates provided by ViDA- Vital Development Association.

Each subject of the above Programme will be presented to the students in PPP (Power Point Presentation) and delivered for study in PDF Format.
Other Theoretical and Technical material will be provided with electronic and hard copies formats.
The ViDA School will open a Private Facebook page for sharing experiences and allow a fluid communication among all Vital Training Course members.

NOTICE: Within the concept of continuous flow, learning-training adaptation and continuous update, this program may be subject to changes, adjustments or updates during the Training/Learning Process.

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